All boxes from Boxes By Neal have been Hand Crafted by glass artist Neal Hearn at his studio in Western North Carolina.  Glass used in the tops of the boxes was handmade for the specific box in the studio.  The same is true for the copper handles. Each box is a unique one of a kind piece. Each box contains a gemstone, usually agate, that suggest the boxes colors and design.   All boxes are signed by the artist and dated.  I will also create a custom made box that fits your needs or desire.   

I am no longer offering boxes for sale online. The reason is that I have a number of very fine galleries, and I wish to honor them by not competing with them online.  I usually have a varity of boxes on hand, and you may certainly contact me direct if you have interest in purchasing a box directly from me.  Please click here to review some of the boxes I have made, and let me know what boxes you like. Remember that I do make custom boxes, and I would love to make one just for you!      Neal  

6 x 8 Fused Glass Box with Brazilian Agate


Handmade, 6” x 8” fused glass box with beveled glass sides, and mirror bottom. The custom made fused glass top features a large Brazilian Agate. A unique handmade piece!  The larger top allows me to create a vibrant array of colors using glass powders and frits  on a clear glass surface. The top is then fused to 1400 degrees, cut into pieces, and reassembled with the Gemstone.  The copper handle was formed from copper rod on an anvil just for this box.   The box has been copper electroplated and coated with a protector to keep the beautiful copper plating free of tarnish.  The box will require no polishing, just a light dusting with a soft cloth.  The box is sure to be the focal point of any room.  A one-of-a kind, signed piece. Please leave a review at the bottom of this page of this box. I will appreciate hearing your comments!  Neal