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6 x 10 Fused Glass Box with Cathedral Jasper and Mahogany Base

Only 1 left in stock


Handmade fused glass top with Cathedral Jasper Gemstone.   A Truly unique handmade piece!  The larger top allows me to create a vibrant array of color using glass  powder and frit on a clear glass surface. The top is then fused to 1400 degrees. Then cut into pieces, and reassembled with the Gemstone.  The copper handle was formed from copper rod on an anvil just for this box.  The sides are made using beveled glass, and the bottom is mirror. The detachable handcrafted wooden base is made of solid Mahogany specifically for this box.  This base puts that box at a perfect angle for display. The copper plated lines in the box have been coated with a protector to keep the beautiful copper plating free of tarnish.  The box will require no polishing, just  a light dusting with a soft cloth.  The box is sure to be the focal point of any room.