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4 x 5 Fused Glass Box with Amethyst


Some of the most popular boxes I make are the boxes that feature these Amethyst Slices.  They are actually a slice of an Amethyst Stalactite.    A very unusual stone that is sometimes difficult to find.  These handmade glass box features beveled glass sides and a mirror bottom.  Each top is handmade fused glass made exclusively for the individual box.  The top features the Amethyst gemstone.  A copper handle was forged on the anvil and polished for the individual box also.  The copper has been coated with a special preservative to keep the box tarnish free and bright for many years.  All that is required is an occasional dusting with a soft cloth.  This uniquely special box was designed and created in my studio in North Carolina by me.  All boxes are signed by the artist, and   are a one-of-a-kind piece. What a great gift for yourself or a special friend!

Note:  The Box is phographed on a display stand that is not Included, but is available.