I am no longer offering all boxes I make for sale online. The reason is that I have a number of very fine galleries, and I wish to honor them by not competing with them online.  There are still some of the smaller boxes available in my Online Store. I usually have a varity of boxes on hand, and you may certainly contact me direct if you have interest in purchasing a box directly from me.  Please click here to review some of the boxes I have made, and let me know what boxes you like. Remember that I do make custom boxes, and I would love to make one just for you!  I also create other handmade items and you can see them at  Neals Workshop .   Neal  

Boxes by Neal does sell wholesale to shops and galleries.   In order to purchase wholesale you must have a store front location or be purchasing for a valid business purpose.  If you are going to resale you must have a resale tax license and furnish me a copy of it on you first order.   The minimum order for a wholesale purchase is $250 at my suggested resale price.  Discounts for wholesale purchase vary with the amount orders and the specific items on the order. Generally my wholesale discounts are for 40 – 50 percent.  For more information on wholesale order or to place a wholesale or please contact me at (828) 421-4367 or submit the wholesale  request from by clicking in the link below.

Wholesale Request Form