About the Artist

New boxes are coming to my website next week! 

It's been a very good year for Boxes By Neal and I'm looking forward to 2019. Lots of new ideas for unique boxes. It is my sincere wish that each box will be special, and be a joy to own.  

I have a new YouTube Channel with videos of my Boxes and More!   Click here to visit the Channel!


The Phenomenon  of the Box

Throughout history, the box has held a certain fascination. The magic of a special place for treasures is enhanced when the structure itself is a treasured object.

From a child’s small box of trinkets to the riches of a kingdom, the box is a container for the imagination. That fascination has encouraged me to combine different craft processes: glass fusing, lapidary, and metal smithing. I have created thousands of boxes since I began in 1982. I see no end to the conceivable designs possible for a box.”

Born in Birmingham, Alabama now firmly ensconced in the North Carolina Mountains, designer, craftsman Neal Hearn has been exploring the box phenomenon. He enjoys combining all his talents to create unique, one-of-a-kind boxes.

All boxes are designed and crafted, one at a time, personally by glass artist, Neal Hearn. Each component within a box is carefully created in my studio by me.  Every box is a one-of-a-kind, signed piece.

The above was composd  years ago by my friend Tay Nunn, Artist.  Thanks Tay!


About  Glass Artist Neal Hearn

Born in October of 1943, grew up in Birmingham, Alabama.  I relocated to Franklin, North Carolina in 1995.  Formal education includes Electrical Engineering, Business, and Computer Science.  Other studies include art, glass fusing, metal smithing, and enameling, and radio broadcast.  I began creating the boxes in 1982 and have made thousands that are spread all over the world.  Boxes are sold on the web, at art/craft shows, and through a number of fine galleries.  Became a juried member of Alabama Designer Craftsmen in the early 80’s, and have done art shows all over the Southeast including ADC,  Bluff Park Art Show, Kentuck Festival, and many others.  My body of work includes the use of many techniques and materials, and I will list some below.  Today I am focused primarily on my art/craft work; however I am also producing a radio podcast, and create/manage websites for a number of non-profit clients.  The podcast is in association with Catch the Spirit of Appalachia,  a non-profit group that is dedicate to preserving the art and heritage of Western North Carolina.  We are working together with Western Carolina University through their digital preservation program, and are being catalogued in the Library of Congress.  I also voice and record radio commercials for a number of clients.  It is my intention to continue to grow as an artist and craftsman, and create unique  boxes of art for many years to come.


The Materials and Processes I Use

In creating unique glass boxes I use many material that include traditional stained glass,  fused glass, copper, gemstones, wood, and others.  I use traditional glass construction techniques with a few of my own twist, fusing, metal fabrication and forging, wood carving (limited), and electroplating.  I also cut and polish gemstone material.