I am no longer offering all boxes I make for sale online. The reason is that I have a number of very fine galleries, and I wish to honor them by not competing with them online.  There are still some of the smaller boxes available in my Online Store. I usually have a varity of boxes on hand, and you may certainly contact me direct if you have interest in purchasing a box directly from me.  Please click here to review some of the boxes I have made, and let me know what boxes you like. Remember that I do make custom boxes, and I would love to make one just for you!  I also create other handmade items and you can see them at  Neals Workshop .   Neal  

I’ve been creating glass boxes for over 35 years now.   I have always been drawn to making things.  It’s what I do!   I can remember as a child that I loved to collect small pieces of copper wire and solder them...
June 3, 2017
I’ve enjoyed creating handmade glass pieces for more than 35 years.  In those many years I have made a lot of boxes and many other items.  Boxes are my main product, but I love creating unique pieces in glass, wood, and copper of any type...
March 31, 2017
  From time to time I will post information about new boxes and tips about making boxes.  Check Back Later Neal
February 23, 2017