As an Artist, Who Am I

I’ve been creating glass boxes for over 35 years now.   I have always been drawn to making things.  It’s what I do!   I can remember as a child that I loved to collect small pieces of copper wire and solder them together with my father’s soldering iron, and always enjoyed just cutting into a block of wood.  I am drawn to tools.  I enjoyed going to a store and looking at the great tools available.  Having a workshop has always been an important part of my life.   Someone once said “What Neal needs is a big building full o

Handmade Unique Fused Glass Hanging Panels Are Back!

I’ve enjoyed creating handmade glass pieces for more than 35 years.  In those many years I have made a lot of boxes and many other items.  Boxes are my main product, but I love creating unique pieces in glass, wood, and copper of any type.

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From time to time I will post information about new boxes and tips about making boxes.  Check Back Later