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Reviewed by Mary on Jan 29, 2019
I have purchased several boxes from Neal over the years for gifts and personal use. Neal guarantees his boxes and takes pride in his work. Each box is truly a work of art! The custom box Neal made for my books that belonged to my great-grandmother far exceeded my expectations! The workmanship is superior! Not only does it make a beautiful display, it will protect my books and allow us to view them instead of hiding them away in a drawer. Thank you, Neal, for a job well done! I would highly recommend Boxes by Neal!
Custom Display Box to Display Two Small Books
Reviewed by Loretta Dian Phipps on May 2, 2018
I love these boxes. Have purchased a couple over the years as gifts & the responses have always been exceptional. I am planning to purchase few more!
Glass Box with Fused Glass accent and Agate
Reviewed by Susan on Apr 22, 2018
Nice work!
4 x 4 Fused Glass Box with  Amethyst Crystal Cluster
Reviewed by Priscilla L on Apr 5, 2018
I have a box like this but slightly different colors and agate, and I absolutely love it! It is a beautiful addition to my vanity. I will definitely purchase again.
4 x 4 Fused Glass Box with Agate Gemstone full view
Reviewed by Carol Rollick on Mar 22, 2018
This very special box was created to hold a precious book, made for my 80th birthday. The book was a treasure, but not much to look at so the box needed to be very, very unique and to say the least it is!!!! The colors, the size, the design excellence . . . all that I could ever hope for. It occurred to me that people take their keepsake albums of weddings, children, special events and stick them in bookcases never to see the light of day again. How much better it is to have this outstanding, original piece of art made to hold the book that it is sitting out in all it beauty and easily accessible to recreate the memory of the event! My thanks to Neal for creating this absolutely lovely piece of art.
8 x 10 X 3 Custom Made Box full view
Reviewed by Elsie and Gonzalo Perez on Feb 20, 2018
We were attending Bear on the Square in Dahlonega, GA. Stopped by Neal's booth looked at all of the different sizes of boxes he had made. We ended up purchasing this one. The colors and the Amethyst stone is the main focal point of the box. Everyone that comes to visit comments on how the colors and the stone make the box come alive.
A 5 x 6 Amethyst box picture from a customer
Reviewed by Rosemary Stieg on Feb 19, 2018
As mentioned above, I was thrilled to receive this box as a Christmas present. It is artistically beautiful and professionally made. It is very unique; the agates and the copper play off each other; I love the colors and artistry. Thank you Neal. You are amazing! Rosemary in Pa
4 x 5 Box picture from a customer
Reviewed by Barbara Mitchell on Feb 14, 2018
I have admired Neal's boxes at art shows and was so pleased to receive this one as a gift. The beautiful blue and turquoise colors in the glass remind me of the ocean and the clear textured glass reminds me of sea foam. It is a gorgeous piece and is very well crafted. I will always enjoy having it.
4 x 5 Fused Glass Box with Agate full view
Reviewed by Ingrid on Feb 14, 2018
I love this box. Excellent workmanship and wonderful seller. Highly recommend him and his creations.
5 x 6 Fused Glass Box with Agate  Full View
Reviewed by Suguna Rudrappa on Feb 12, 2018
When I bought this box I couldn’t believe the agate in the middle with copper around and in the agate the black dot is look like a fish. I was keeping my gold jewelry in there. When my daughter in law come visit me she love the box. I gave the the box to her gift. She couldn’t believe. She enjoying keeping her Jewelery in the box. Definitely Thea’s boxes one of a kind.
4 x 5 Fused Glass with Agate Full View
Reviewed by Marcia Hartmann on Feb 10, 2018
This is is so beautiful! I love the colors of the agate and copper complements the design beautifully. I keep some of my most special gemstone jewelry in it since the box itself is so special. This is definitely a five star plus rating!
4 x 5 Fused Glass with Agate Full View
Reviewed by Nancy Smith on Feb 7, 2018
I love this box. These boxes are well made and sturdy. I got my box Christmas and have had so many compliments. It is the feature point in my living room.
5 x 6 Fused Glass Box with Agate full view